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Global Cash Card

Cash Global | Global Cash CardThe Global Cash Card is a prepaid debit card that you can load up with either US dollars, or euros. It can be used at any ATM machine where Visa or MasterCard is allowed, or for any purchase where the retailer accepts these cards.

Why Should Anyone Uses Global Cash Card

One of the main benefits to using a Global Cash Card is that you don’t have to carry cash on you whenever you’re out shopping or during any business trip. There are several benefits which are provided for users including:

Within 7 to 10 days you’ll be automatically upgraded for FREE to a MasterCard or VisaCard you can obtain a card without a credit check.

  • NO CHARGE for signatory purchases.
  • 24 hours a day seven days a week and customer support with multilanguage options
  • FREE notifications via e-mail, text, or voicemail for all transactions
  • the ability to take part in the cash rewards program for FREE all of your family members can have a card for FREE
  • NO CHARGE for online transaction statements
  • access your account for FREE on the web through the customer service portal
  • no more worries about having to pay to have your checks cashed or waiting in line to make use of the bank teller
  • never having to worry about loss or theft of a check or cash
  • never have to worry about paying for a monthly account maintenance fee
  • access to the use of over 37,000 ATM machines that are part of the Allpoint network offering no surcharge transactions
  • no surcharge transaction fees for the use of all money pass ATMs which can be found in 49 states
  • the ability to participate in discounted programs offering roadside, legal, health, and entertainment deals

Essential Mobile Options for the Global Cash Card

Anybody who has a Global Cash Card can make use of the free text messaging service that is available whereby they can have access to all of the updates to their account via their mobile device on demand.

When customers make use of this feature, they are able to manage all of the activity on their account including recent purchases, debits, the amount payments, and even deposits.

It is quite a simple process to do as all you have to do is login to via your mobile device whereby you will be directed to a mobile version of the website that is set up specifically for the device that you’re using. You’ll be allowed to view all of your account information and activity.

QUICK and EASY Global Cash Card Activation Process

If you already have an “instant issue” card, all you have to do is call 1-866-395-9200 and follow all of the instructions via the voice prompts. While you are going to this process, you’re going to be required to select a four digit pin number which you will need to always keep secure and secret so that nobody has unauthorized access to your account or the use of your card.

Typically it takes about 7 to 10 days after you have called to activate the instant issue card before you will receive a card that has your name embossed upon it. After you receive this card, you will need to once again call customer service in order to activate it. Upon activation of your personalized card, all of the funds that you have within your instant issue pay card will be transferred to the new one. Make sure that you carefully go through all of the cardholder agreements and the disclosure policy for your new card thoroughly.

Having the embossed Global Cash Card provides you with a list of different options which are not available with the standard instant issue card that you began with. You’ll find these listed as a below:

  • use your card to make debit purchases in locations where you can only use a pin number
  • ability to make withdrawals from ATM machines
  • ability to make purchases online
  • the ability to withdraw money from a bank to the penny
  • reputation of having card with either the Visa or the MasterCard logo embossed
  • the benefit of having a card embossed with your personal name

Every pay period you receive the first transaction FREE.

How to CUT Down on your Global Cash Card Fees

There are many ways to cut down on fees when using your Global Cash Card. Whenever you are at a store getting ready to buy something, always select the “credit option” when using the PIN pad. This will require you to write in your signature, but there are no fees for signatory purchases. If you need to get some cash, it’s easy to simply use the “cash back” selection at the grocery store since you’ll never be charged for this option. Make use of all the options for notifications via text message so that you can constantly be aware of the amount of funds that you have on the account in order to avoid fees for going over your limit or having your transaction declined. All of these notifications whether by text or online are free.

You could make use of the Global Cash Card platform for a variety of different needs, be it for your payroll, a gift card, HSA, FSA, a travel card, or a variety of other applications you might be able to think of. Global Cash Card is always looking at improving and developing its technology, and is currently on the leading edge as far as offering both branded and customized programs for it’s customers.

Sign up for the Global Cash Card today and benefit from the greater flexibility and value which is provided for its customers.

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